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FA Valve Regulator with Humidifier this is used with medical Oxygen Cylinders comes under Oxygen Therapy Device. This is called as fine adjustment valve flow meter or O2 regulator or Oxygen valve regulator or Medical Oxygen Regulator. This is used for regulating the supply of oxygen to the patient from the Cylinder. The main parts oxygen regulator kit are the bull nose, nut, medical Oxygen gauge, flow meter, Threading type humidifier, controlling nob, connecting joint. Gauge ranges from 0-250 K per cm² and the flow meter range is 0-10 liters per minute. Humidifier is filled with water up to optimum level between the maximum and minimum levels marked on the bottle. Bull nose is fitted with Oxygen valve by the nut using a two in one spanner. Teflon tape is used to avoid any leakage from the threading. Controlling knob shall be in tight position when we release the gas from the cylinder. Using Key or a two in one Spanner, the spindle of the cylinder is rotated in anticlockwise direction to release the oxygen gas. As the gas passes through the FA valve the pressure reading rises up to 140-150 Kg per cm². Oxygen set pipe is attached at the outlet of the Humidifier bottle. FA valve nob shall be rotated in anticlock wise direction to give oxygen to patients. The medical oxygen flow meter can be adjusted using knob from 0.5 Liters to 10 liters to the patient.

Product Code:

  • FA Valve with Humidifier Bottle: FAH01